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Applicable to any kind of industrial production
Quick data integration via pre-built connectors
Basis for optimizing your manufacturing KPIs
Infrastructure for digital services & apps

Lightweight & performant — the NextFab
Smart manufacturing architecture

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Designed to collect, harmonize and contextualize large amounts of data in continuous operation, NextFab's IIoT architecture provides a reliable and robust database for almost any IIoT use case.

Easy implementation

Smooth connection of any industrial machine and control system

Robust & suitable for industrial use

Designed for large amounts of data and 24/7 continuous industrial operation

Lightweight architecture

High performance with minimal footprint

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Regardless of whether you want to use NextFab IIoT as a machine manufacturer or manufacturing operator to implement your digitization strategy. We have the right model for you.

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Our experts are there for you from the ideation to the rollout and make digital transformation as easy and convenient as possible for your organization.

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Start your IIoT strategy with NextFab Kickstart

NextFab provides the all-in-one Smart Manufacturing solution to transform your business into a data-driven enterprise.

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