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Supercharge your
Production Data

No more fragmented data landscapes, isolated machines and outdated legacy systems. Quick data collection and standardization thanks to prebuilt templates, real-time analysis and robust interfaces to make data actionable across your whole enterprise. NextFab makes your production more efficient, sustainable and competitive.

Screenshot einer NextFab Smart Factoryinfographic displays the collection of industrial machine data via nextfab iiot
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Future-proof your digitization strategy

Food + Beverage
Oil + Gas

Improve: Uptime, Throughput, Good Parts, Yield, Go-to-Market + ROI

Reduce: Downtime, Waste, Defects, Manual OEE Recording, Energy Consumption


What is

The IIoT data platform for manufacturing

eine gruppe von widgets mit produktions KPIs
Data collection
Data harmonization
Data usage

NextFab connects all machines and data sources in no time and creates immediate transparency across the entire factory. It harmonizes the data and makes it available in a clean, contextualized way.

Regardless of whether you want to use them in existing enterprise applications (ERP, MES, BI), or build your individual smart manufacturing use case - NextFab enables you to utilize your production data more efficiently.

Plug & Play Hardware

The NextBox is a powerful industrial gateway, which is designed to collect large amounts of data in continuous industrial operation. It transforms machines into smart IIoT assets and enables apps & services to be deployed and executed in the smart factory.

Robust 24/7 production data collection
Edge data preprocessing
Edge operation of apps & services
nextfab iiot industrial data collection gateway


Your benefits
with NextFab


Potential increase in production efficiency*


Medium savings potential on energy costs*


Average time to deployment*


Integrable control systems & protocols*

eine gruppe von widgets mit produktions KPIs in der Produktion

Higher productivity
& reduced operating costs

NextFab provides you with all necessary insights into your factory to optimize your production KPIs based on actionable data.

Equipment Efficiency (OEE)
Downtime reduction
Multi-Site Benchmarking
Maintenance Manager

+ more

nutzung von produktionsdaten in externen systemen und apps

Build smart automations
and streamline your processes

With NextFab Automations, you can set up smart automation rules on your machine and production data. Receive notifications and alerts, track events, or trigger actions in any other application.

Automation Rules
No-Code Editor

+ more

widget visualisiert maschinendaten in der smart factory

Transparency throughout
the entire production

Keep a full overview of your production. The digital twin of your factory provides a clear picture of all sites, halls, production lines, machines and shifts, including real-time machine states and utilization of your machines.

Factory Digital Twin
Realtime Machine States
Production Sites
Production Lines
On-Site Dashboards

+ more

energiemonitoring dashboard in der smart factory

Smart energy management
at machine level

An intelligent management of resources is more important than ever. NextFab provides everything you need to make better use of resources and helps you save energy costs — seamlessly integrated into your smart factory.

Energy Monitoring
Energy Balance
Documentation in accordance with ISO 50001.1
Asset Efficiency
Peak Load Reduction
Uptime Optimization

+ more

nutzung von produktionsdaten in externen systemen und apps

Your production data,
wherever you need them

Utilize production data in the apps that your company uses. Whether synchronizing with your ERP, MES, BI or connecting to countless other enterprise applications — NextFab provides you harmonized data and robust APIs as a reliable IIoT data hub.

Enterprise Apps
SaaS Apps & Services
Data Hub
Robust APIs

+ more


How is NextFab
different than other solutions?

Quick & easy machine connection
Clean & structured
production data
Manufacturer independent & open
Integrates with your enterprise apps in use
Enterprise-wide data usage
Robust, scalable & future-proof
Transparent pricing model
All-in-one Solution
(Sensor 2 Cloud)
NextFab Privacy:
“My factory - my data!”

Tools for

smart manufacturing

Industry 4.0

industrial IoT

digital manufacturing

smart factories

 manufacturing AI

Use production data intelligently across your organization to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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